‘Shout!’ A3 limited edition print 2

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A3 print

Limited edition 1 of 10 numbered and signed.

From the recent exhibition


Andrew Foster hits the ground running with a body of energetic, large scale abstract paintings in his first physical solo exhibition in Portsmouth.

Through these powerful pieces Andrew employs a knee jerk response to his emotions. Bold neon colours and brave movement capture moments of reflection and struggle.

Skyline structures and contemporary symbols are echoed alongside vibrant, fast mark making creating a visual language Andrew uses to navigate his life. The works are loud and demand an emotive exchange with the viewer.

Rooted in Contemporary Abstract painting but inspired by Streetart's fight talk over urban decay, these paintings carry subtle contemporary pop culture themes that have signposted the artist’s journey.

Open to interpretation but shouting to not to be ignored, Andrew Foster’s paintings have become place of control and calm in a chaotic environment. As an alternative therapy these works document A long journey through his music career, therapy and hearing loss has brought about a unique visual language